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Our Mission

We started Valuent to help organisations get the most value out of Salesforce CRM and fall in love with Salesforce. Like our founders did when they introduced Salesforce in their previous companies.
We have a strong team of 25 CRM experts and specialise on the Salesforce platform. Most have worked on the client side before. So we know what it takes to get the most out of your Salesforce investment.
If you want to learn more, go to the About Us section. Or get in touch to see how we can help you get the most value out of your Salesforce CRM. Or to evaluate whether Salesforce CRM might be the right solution for you.
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Our values

The Valuent Way:

Ownership like we're part of your team:
Your project isn't just another task on our list. We dive in like it's our own company on the line. Your goals become our goals, we are invested in making our work a collective success.
Drive that's contagious:
We're all about action. Moving forward, upward, sideways – whatever gets us to where we need to be. We bring the energy and the drive that keeps the momentum going.
Empathy - first seek to understand than to be understood:
We listen. Understanding your business is our first step. We find strength in awareness and understanding.
Pursue growth & learning:
The world changes fast, and we're sprinting right alongside it. We're always learning, always evolving, so your solutions aren't just great for today but are ready for tomorrow.
Valuent is an owner-led boutique CRM / Salesforce consultancy. For you that means we have years of in-depth experience in Salesforce, we have done most of the mistakes you can do and learned from them. So you don’t have to make them yourself. Our values determine who we attract, who we retain and who we work with. CRM is just a technology, the real value comes from the people that use it. We’re owner-led, as the saying goes “this is a people business” and that is how we conduct our business. So we like to build strong partnerships with our clients and work with them over many years. If you want to learn more about us, go here:
About us
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Our industry focus

In the rapidly evolving financial sector, delivering exceptional customer experiences is more crucial than ever.

Based on our project experience with payment providers, banks and asset managers we know industry best practices and can tailor a solution to your needs. So you can grow your existing business. Establish new business models and offer customer centric solutions for your clients. While maintaining a reliable and secure foundation to follow regulatory requirements.
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At Valuent, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the energy industry faces. Energy companies need end-to-end digital processes to drive operational efficiency, have real time data and delight their customers. Often this involves connecting your employees with your customers and partners. That’s where we come in.

The Energy transition requires new ways of thinking and doing. Salesforce has proven to be an essential platform to allow energy companies to do that. You can adapt processes where needed and scale them.
Digital transformation is one of the key trends of our era. High tech SAAS companies are leading the charge and need to be more prepared than ever to scale business growth digitally. From strategy to development, our technology-focused team at Valuent can help you determine the right course of action. Whether it’s creating new revenue streams, lower costs, or diversifying your business model.

At Valuent, we understand the push to expedite the delivery of scalable, stable, secure and high-performing solutions within a typical software development lifecycle. We offer end-to-end consulting and implementation services to large and small high tech and software firms.
High-tech / SaaS
How we can help

What makes Valuent your A-Team?

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We speed up time to value so your business gets up and running on Salesforce fast.
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We do more than just turn Salesforce on, we get your user community aligned, onboarded and fully engaged.
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We help you continuously iterate and adapt Salesforce so it keeps up with the speed of your business and industry.
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What some of our clients say

While the seven20 application offered a great starting point for HR business process support on the Salesforce platform, Valuent picked up on that base and adapted the application to our needs so that we can now serve our clients better and keep a closer relationship with our candidates.
Michael Diem
Head of HR & Operations
Your exceptional stakeholder management, proactive communication, and dedication to understanding our needs made it a pleasure to work with. Valuent consistently took ownership and initiative, always striving to find the best solutions and moving swiftly with the implementation. We achieved a high ROI due to the implementation of AI projects. I highly recommend Valuent to any company looking for a reliable and innovative Salesforce consultancy, especially for projects involving Salesforce AI and GPT features.
Carmen Beissner
Chief Experience Officer
"Valuent has extensive hands-on experience in the whole sales process which is extremely helpful to understand our needs and clearly distinguishes Valuent from other existing providers. Their resulting CRM and marketing implementation boosts our international growth. We have worked with other Salesoforce partners in the past and our experience with Valuent has been excellence."
Dr. Garwin Pichler
Co-Founder & CEO
"With the support of Valuent, we successfully transitioned from traditional paper management to a fully digital representation of our sales processes in Salesforce. All departments now communicate directly through Salesforce, significantly simplifying exchanges. Working with Valuent was consistently smooth."
Tim Engelhardt
Executive Assistant
"Valuent quickly understood our business needs and designed and implemented solutions that supported and accelerated our efforts to scale up and make Asia smile more! They are our trusted advisor in all things Salesforce."
Frederik Krass
Co-Founder & COO
"Valuent understood our business needs and executed quickly and pragmatically. They are our trusted advisor in all things Salesforce."
Justin Scott
Director of Technology
"Valuent understood our complex requirements well and helped us with innovative and pragmatic solutions to bring Austria on the company bike as well!"
Edwin De Jong
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Success stories

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maxmatch Personalberatung GmbH, located in Munich, is an executive search boutique focusing on recruitment consulting for finance and real estate roles in companies of all industries and sizes. maxmatch sees itself as a professional and humane partner at eye level and strives to become one of Germany's top five personnel consultancies for finance and real estate roles in the near future.
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DR SMILE is the German market leader in modern and innovative aligner therapy. As a proud member of the Straumann Group, the company offers numerous benefits to patients and partner practices, setting new standards in dental care. DR SMILE is dedicated to helping people achieve a radiant smile and gain new confidence.‍
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PreOmics is a German biotechnology company specializing in sample preparation technologies for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. PreOmics contributes to advancing the field of proteomics and facilitating research in areas such as biomarker discovery, drug development, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases.
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Energiepark Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a German company that specializes in the construction of large photovoltaic systems and handles all steps from planning to direct sales. In addition to building and selling PV systems and parks, the company offers attractive conditions for leasing large roof or open land areas. Additionally, Energiepark carries out roof renovations, which further increase the profitability of the projects.
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Eigensonne is a slick and simple customer portal where offers and their ROIs can be reviewed, accepted and digitally signed. Halving the sales cycle and significantly improving conversion rates.
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Jobrad is a digital platform to handle Jobrads leasing business end-to-end including portals for employers, employees and bike dealers with maximum automation.
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Sovendus brings customers and online stores together – in a way that benefits everyone. Thanks to the network, the company's partner stores can reward their customers with vouchers and special offers for their purchases, thereby increasing their sales. And with great success, because the sales model is a real win-win situation for everyone.
Learn More
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