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Our reason why

We digitise Germany. Everyone thats ever been to the Bürgeramt or paid taxes knows that Germany is a digital laggard. For a while that was a bit annoying, ridiculous and a bit funny. By now it’s definitely a threat to the future prosperity of our nation. We need to get rid of the paper, the bureaucracy and fax machine to be able to compete and ensure our longterm prosperity for the generations to come.
We want to accelerate this process by helping companies digitise, automate and accelerate all their customer facing processes. Help them serve their customer quicker, better and more efficiently. Help digital companies grow that much faster and serve their customers better. Help the existing players become more digital, more agile and competitive. Pulling forward the future.
Our tool of choice is Saleforce.
It’s the most powerful and scalable digital platform to enable companies to serve their customers better along every step from marketing, sales, customer service and operations. Also they have objectively the cutest mascots.
We are entrepreneurs out of passion. This is not a quick flip. We will not sell Valuent to Deloitte in 3 years. We are building a long-lasting organisation that endures.
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Putting people first since day one

At Valuent, we offer variety, fulfillment, and balance. Work with exciting clients, keep up with the latest Salesforce technology, flex your skills across industries – and sleep in your own bed.

We draw the top talent in the industry. People from businesses, consultancies, agencies, and startups are all lured to developing an intriguing and long-lasting career.

We’re committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

This means encouraging open conversation, hiring diverse talent, and continually learning from one another.
Decoration IconWe’re committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

What happened so far?

Dennis comes from Hamburg, got infected by the entrepreneurial spirit while on exchange in Palo Alto, California. Later he studied in Switzerland and Shanghai. After completing his studies, Dennis joined Rocket Internet to learn how to build companies. At Helpling, he led the German business from hyper-growth to profitability, and at Enpal, he established the marketing department.
David was born in what is now Dunkeldeutschland and later studied in Rhineland Palatine. He joined university with a 100% conviction to work at McKinsey. That conviction held up until he was exposed to the entrepreneurial scene at his university. After studying David helped roll out a healthcare company where he got intimately familiar with the powers of Salesforce and learned lots about how not to manage a company.
The first and only office
The first and only office
Our partner Pavel and Dennis in Kaunas, getting one of our first big deals done
Our partner Pavel and Dennis in Kaunas, getting one of our first big deals done
Dennis and David met when David tried to unsuccessfully get a job at Dennis former employer Helpling. While calling David to tell him that he didn't trust a 22 year old to lead a team of 35 with a total experience of 3 internships Dennis invited David for dinner.
From that Dinner onwards they became good friends and frequently talked about starting various ventures. However, it took until a flight in February 2019 from Berlin to Kyiv (Слава Україні !) for Dennis to convince David to go for it. Touching down in winterly Kyiv they decided to go into business together right then.
The plan was to do some freelancing in the Salesforce space while ideating to start a venture-backed business. Fantastic plan. Only the Salesforce projects kept on coming and they were challenging and rewarding. So the 6 months of freelancing turned into an actual company. Valuent was founded in December 2019.
From then on we grew to over 20 people, survived a global pandemic, experienced an almost revolution, failed to become a JobRad customer, made plenty of mistakes and delivered 100 + projects for our customers.
We want you to be part of the next chapters.
The first team dinner during Covid
The first team dinner during Covid
Strategizing with our Solution Architect Ivan in Sofia
Strategizing with our Solution Architect Ivan in Sofia
The biggest dog lover of Riga, not pictured the dog
The biggest dog lover of Riga, not pictured the dog

Our Values

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We think and act as entrepreneurs. At all our projects we ask ourselves: What would we do if this was our own company? You will get loads of freedom and responsibility. We expect you to fully own your tasks and see them through to the end. Mistakes happen and are completely normal. Own them, fix them, move on and don’t let them happen twice.
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We are fully present and bring our best energy into every room. We seek to understand before being understood. We show this desire to know and understand our customers, partners and team members. We value other perspectives and try to see things from their point of view.
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Our team has an incredibly high level of energy and always seeks to amaze. We don’t take no for an answer nor do we accept the status quo if it can be done better.
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Pursue growth and learning

We’re driven by curiosity, optimism, and the belief that every person can grow. We are passionate about learning, improving, and innovating. We are not afraid to make mistakes and share them with others. We learn from both challenges and successes
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We are looking for people

That thrive to work in an environment that they can and have to still shape
That thrive to see the results of their work
That thrive to bring their authentic self to work
That desire a steep learning curve
That take on responsibility
That want to make an impact
That have a sense of humour
That challenge themselves
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Why it's worth to join Valuent!

True remote first

True remote first

We don’t even have an office. Work from anywhere, forever. Monthly team together in Berlin, fully paid for. The money we save on rent, we invest into our awesome yearly offsite (so far Mallorca and Kreta).
Start-up atmosphere

Start-up atmosphere

We are growing fast and continuously. Lots of opportunity to take responsibility and have an impact on our future growth.
Personal growth

Personal growth

Take over and manage your projects from day one and grow with us and our fantastic clients.
No free coffee and club mate

No free coffee and club mate

Club mate is terrible for your body. Your coffee at home tastes better anyway. We rather pay you a better salary.
No assholes

No assholes

We don’t do brilliant jerks.
We don’t sell

We don’t sell

We are in this for the long run and are not looking for a quick flip. We are building a longterm sustainable organisation. We have seen what happens to companies after they are sold. Seems shitty.
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Decoration IconInterview Process
here is our

Interview Process

01. First interview
Our first contact we start out with a phone call to get to know each other. Tell us all about your motivations to join Valuent. If we are both enthusiastic we move into the next phase.
02. Case study & Meet the team
This is a case study that we share with you beforehand and that we discuss together. The idea is to get a better feel for how working together is like. At the same time this interview also gives you the opportunity to meet additional team members and to solidify our joint impression.
03. Offer discussion
Meet your future leader and ask them all your burning questions.

Ready to grow together?

Tamara Suter - HR
Tamara Suter
HR Operations & Talent Acquisition Manager
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+49 151 72857341
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