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Scale your business and serve your customers better

Salesforce is a powerful tool to scale your business and serve your customers better. If you are reading this section this pitch probably isn’t news to you. However, to get there, Salesforce needs to be properly tailored to your business.
Co-Founders David Kunze and Dennis Knodt started out with Salesforce on the customer side. We saw firsthand what happens when Salesforce is rolled out in an organization without proper configuration and team onboarding. It’s not a pretty sight and can really mess with your growth ambitions. We went through the pain to correct the setup and actually set up Salesforce in the right way for the organization.The result is remarkable. Stuff just works, automatically, flawless, amazing.
Our mission is simple: To help our customers set up Salesforce the right way for their organization from day one.
Salesforce implementations go wrong when there is a gap between what the business asks for and what the implementation partner delivers. This gap is due to a lack of business understanding and getting the users on board from day one. Almost every partner has good technical knowledge. But few can combine that with actual experience from building companies.
why we do this

Valuent exists to fill that gap.

We are European patriots. We look at a continent that is struggling to stay economically relevant. In a world whose tech giants are either American, Chinese or maybe Indian. The only way we can catch up is to build our own digital economy. We want to do our part to help digitise the German economy. We help digital native start-ups scale faster. And existing Mittelstand-Players to finally rid themselves of Excel, fax and analogue processes to become digital.
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Decoration IconValuent exists to fill that gap.
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Our reason why

It’s high time.

We focus on digitizing Financial Services firms, High-Tech / SAAS, Energy and Education companies. With over 14+ years of experience in the Quote-to-Cash space Valuent is the preferred transformation and service partner for businesses in DACH and Europe. These range from companies selling subscription services and/or complex products (like machine tools or satellites).
Our goal is to help our clients fall in love with Salesforce. Just like David and Dennis did when they were introducing Salesforce at previous companies. We have a highly motivated and specialized team of CRM experts to make that happen. We bring the collective experience of 100+ projects to the table to make sure that Salesforce is a boost for your business.
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Building success
one step at a time

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step 1
In the first phase, we analyse in a workshop the status quo, the vision, teams & processes, KPIs, integrations and data migration, challenges, and conclude with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) proposal.
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step 2
Value Proposition
In a presentation, we summarize the status and objectives and introduce solutions concepts. The project is divided into clearly defined phases, followed by a detailed concept and a roadmap. We present the project timeline with Salesforce implementation and the go-live date, and finally provide an overview of the necessary investments.
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step 3
After the contract is concluded, we start with the project implementation, including the introduction of the project organization, a phased project approach with sprints, the detemination of the project tool, defining the work package and the timeline, as well as the next steps.
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step 4
Before completing the first phase (MVP), the next project steps are coordinated and presented together with the Account Manager & Consulting Team.
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step 5
Even during the implementation, we equip the team with the necessary tools and knowledge so that they can optimally use the new tools, and we provide professional training and coaching.
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