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maxmatch Personalberatung GmbH, located in Munich, is an executive search boutique focusing on recruitment consulting for finance and real estate roles in companies of all industries and sizes. maxmatch sees itself as a professional and humane partner at eye level and strives to become one of Germany's top five personnel consultancies for finance and real estate roles in the near future.


maxmatch faced significant limitations with its previous CRM system, which included:

  • Lack of integration possibilities with other essential systems.
  • Limited workflows and automation options, restricting flexibility and efficiency.
  • Missing system support for structured candidate assessments, crucial for specialized recruitment.

Customer Benefits:

With Salesforce, maxmatch achieved:

  • Integration Options: Complete integration with other systems, enabling consistent data flow and streamlined operations.

  • Workflows and Automation: Easily adaptable workflows and automation aligned to business needs and evolving market demands.

  • HR Process Support: Comprehensive support for HR business processes, ensuring structured candidate assessments and fostering stronger client relationships.

These improvements help maxmatch deliver accurate placements and enhance client satisfaction, positioning the company to achieve its goal of becoming one of Germany's top five personnel consultancies for finance and real estate roles.

Quotes Mark
While the seven20 application offered a great starting point for HR business process support on the Salesforce platform, Valuent picked up on that base and adapted the application to our needs so that we can now serve our clients better and keep a closer relationship with our candidates.

Michael Diem

Head of HR & Operations
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