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About the company

PreOmics is a German biotechnology company specializing in sample preparation technologies for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. PreOmics contributes to advancing the field of proteomics and facilitating research in areas such as biomarker discovery, drug development, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases.


Current Salesforce Usage:

  • Salesforce was previously utilized, yet satisfaction levels were low due to its limited capabilities in meeting specific needs.

Business Growth and Scalability:

  • The company experienced significant growth, revealing that existing processes were not designed for scalability, hindering efficient operations.

Data Management Challenges:

  • Structured data collection was unfeasible, leading to data management inefficiencies and obstacles in harnessing valuable insights.

Visibility into Leads and Sales Pipeline:

  • There was a notable lack of overview and transparency concerning leads and the sales pipeline, making it difficult to track progress and forecast accurately.

Marketing Performance and ROI:

  • Challenges in quantifying marketing performance and calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) made it hard to assess marketing strategies' effectiveness.

Customer Benefits

Enhanced Reporting for Investor Management:

  • Facilitates clean and comprehensive reporting tailored for investor management needs, significantly enhanced by integrating with ERP systems for a more cohesive data overview.

Unified Marketing Management Platform:

  • Acts as a central tool for all marketing management activities, replacing ActiveCampaign with a more integrated and efficient solution for streamlined operations and better performance tracking.
Quotes Mark
“Valuent has extensive hands-on experience in the whole sales process which is extremely helpful to understand our needs and clearly distinguished Valuent from other existing providers. Their resulting CRM and marketing implementation boosts our international growth. We have worked with other Salesforce partners in the past and our experience with Valuent has been excellent."

Dr. Garwin Pichler

Co-Founder & CEO
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