Eigensonne Success Story

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About the company

Eigensonne is a slick and simple customer portal where offers and their ROIs can be reviewed, accepted and digitally signed. Halving the sales cycle and significantly improving conversion rates.


  • Passwordless, secure login
  • Best in class UX and CI design
  • View and compare created quotes and their respective ROIs
  • Demodesk integration
  • Digital signature directly from portal

Customer Benefits

  • Sales cycle duration effectively halved
  • Significant improvement to conversion rate
  • Simple UX and easily modifiable design components
  • Real-time graphical ROI calculations based on actual quotes
  • Demodesk integration for smoother sales presentation
Quotes Mark
“Valuent understood our business needs and executed quickly and pragmatically. They are our trusted advisor in all things Salesforce.”

Justin Scott

Director of Technology
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