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About the company

DR SMILE is the German market leader in modern and innovative aligner therapy. As a proud member of the Straumann Group, the company offers numerous benefits to patients and partner practices, setting new standards in dental care. DR SMILE is dedicated to helping people achieve a radiant smile and gain new confidence.‍

Challenges and Vision

The digital transformation of customer service processes is a demanding task for any company. DR SMILE faced exactly this challenge. With an annual growth rate of 100% since entering the market in 2017, the number of customer inquiries also increased exponentially.

Due to rapid growth, the capacities in customer service could not keep up with the increasing demand. The multitude of channels and data sources led to inefficient processes and insufficient customer satisfaction. A solution was urgently needed to transform customer service and elevate it to a new level.

The Solution: Salesforce Einstein

The turning point came at the Salesforce World Tour 2023 in Hamburg, where DR SMILE first became aware of the Salesforce AI solution Einstein. This solution offered the potential to transform customer service from a reactive to a proactive and excellent support system. Valuent, with comprehensive expertise in implementing AI solutions, was selected as the partner for this challenging task.

Implementation and Results

Valuent began by eliminating the previous ticketing system and consolidating all customer and company data in Salesforce. This 360-degree view of customers and the unified data platform were the essential first steps of the AI journey. The implementation of the Salesforce Einstein 1 platform was completed in record time: within just four months, the system was fully integrated and operational.

With the introduction of Einstein 1 Service, DR SMILE achieved an impressive case deflection rate of 40%. Many customer concerns could now be resolved independently either through self-service or with the support of an intelligent chatbot. For more complex inquiries, customers were directed to competent contacts. Employee productivity increased by 28% thanks to context-specific information in real-time and automated email creation. This efficiency boost allowed employees to invest their time in valuable and varied tasks, increasing customer satisfaction by 29%.

Premium Service and Revenue Growth Through AI

The customer journey at DR SMILE lasts between six and twelve months. Customers who spend around 3,000 euros on an aesthetic dental treatment expect excellent service and flawless results. Through the implementation of AI, potential additional offers, such as teeth whitening, could be automatically identified and suggested to customers. This proactive approach aims to increase the customer lifetime value by approximately 30%.

The successful migration to Salesforce and the introduction of the Einstein AI solution have not only helped DR SMILE revolutionize its customer service but also created a solid foundation for future growth.

Quotes Mark
Your exceptional stakeholder management, proactive communication, and dedication to understanding our needs made it a pleasure to work with. Valuent consistently took ownership and initiative, always striving to find the best solutions and moving swiftly with the implementation. We achieved a high ROI due to the implementation of AI projects. I highly recommend Valuent to any company looking for a reliable and innovative Salesforce consultancy, especially for projects involving Salesforce AI and GPT features.

Carmen Beissner

Chief Experience Officer
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