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About the company

Sovendus brings customers and online stores together – in a way that benefits everyone. Thanks to the network, the company's partner stores can reward their customers with vouchers and special offers for their purchases, thereby increasing their sales. And with great success, because the sales model is a real win-win situation for everyone.


When Sovendus decided to further internationalize Sovendus and introduce new services in other countries, they conducted a comprehensive audit. Together with Valuent, they decided to completely rebuild the Sales Cloud and then roll it out again in 13 countries.

Customer Benefits:

  • Significantly faster and better qualification of leads thanks to automation
  • Greater transparency thanks to single source of truth with regard to customers, data and interactions 
  • Great time savings and higher productivity thanks to automation. 
Quotes Mark
“Thanks to Salesforce, we now all look at the same dashboards and speak the same language. Not only do we have greater visibility, we save a lot of time and are more productive."

Gasper Komani

International Sales & Business Development Manager
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