Make your CRM even better: The Salesforce Checklist You Need Now!

July 9, 2024

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Salesforce CRM?

Are you using Salesforce but feel it's not being used properly?

Do your team members even complain about it?

We understand your frustration. That's why we created this checklist - to help you ensure Salesforce works smoothly across all departments and maximizes your investment.

With this checklist, you will discover if your Salesforce system is truly doing what it should - helping your business grow and run smoothly.

1. Security and Compliance

Security Health Check: Have you conducted the Salesforce Security Health Check and reviewed the results?
Permissions: Do the access rights and profiles of your users match their tasks?
Privacy: Are your data safe and private through measures like encryption and audit trails? Do you regularly conduct audits and check if the permissions are still correct?

2. Data Model and Architecture

Data Structure: Does your data model clearly and efficiently support your business processes?
Redundancies: Are there duplicate data or objects and fields that you no longer need? Are all objects being utilized?
Data Archiving & Back-up: Do you have a system for archiving and securing old data?

3. Automation and Processes

Automation Tools: Do your automations (workflows, process builders, flows) work properly and as expected?
Efficiency of Automation: Are there processes that are still manual and could be improved?
Error Analysis: Are there errors in your automations and how do you deal with them?

4. Code Quality and Development

Test Coverage: Do your Apex classes and triggers meet the 75% test coverage requirement?
Code Reviews: Do you regularly conduct code reviews to ensure everything is up to date?
Performance: How fast and efficient are your custom code solutions?

5. Integrations and Third-party Apps

Integration Checks: Are all your integrations stable and secure?
AppExchange Apps: Do you need all the apps from AppExchange and are they up to date?
API Limits: Are you staying within Salesforce’s API limits?

6. Data Quality and Management

Data Quality: Are your data accurate, complete, and up-to-date?
Duplicates: Do you have a good solution to avoid duplicates?
Data Cleansing: Do you regularly perform data cleansing actions?

7. User Acceptance and Training

User Feedback: Do you regularly collect feedback from your users to improve the system?
Training: Do you regularly offer training to enhance the skills of the users?
Usage Statistics: Do you analyze how well and often your system is used?

8. Business Processes and Organizational Alignment

Business Process Coverage: Does your Salesforce setup capture all essential business processes?
Strategic Alignment: Does the system support the strategic goals of your organization?
Potential Development: Do you implement suggestions from your employees for system improvements?

If you found any gaps in your system, we're here to help.

With over 110 implementations under our belt, we understand all the fears and pitfalls, and we're ready to guide you through them.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let's make your Salesforce CRM even better.

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